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A long standing stigma has been placed on Japanese Geisha girls. When someone thinks of a Geisha, they think of a glorified prostitute or call girl. This is far from

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British Womens Emancipation since the Renaissance

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The Artistic License – Religion trope as used in popular culture. Religion makes for great motifs and imagery in fiction and art, but its also a varied and …

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renaissance prostitute Historical Novels: Renaissance. A list of novels set in the Renaissance period: Tudor and Elizabethan England and Reformation and Renaissance Europe; alphabetical by

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Une association qui rassemble plus de 4 000 passionnés d’opéra et de ballet, particuliers et entreprises, désireux de soutenir l’Opéra de Paris.

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Renaissance man turned his gaze backward in historical time. Not to his immediate past which he arrogantly assumed was "dark," but to the classical past of ancient

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Source: Annual Report of the Ministry of Health for 1958. Sir Harry Platt, far more progressive than most of his generation, also supported the service.